Sunday, December 9, 2012


Wow, this is a neat website. It lets strangers collaborate on stories, poems, songs, and other narrative styles. It is like the game where a person writes a sentence on a sheet of paper, then passes it on to someone else, who writes another sentence. Eventually the whole class creates a shared story, with everyone's input. ThumbScribes does this exactly, yet in a digital format. The stories can be made public or kept private.

I can see this as incredibly useful primarily in English and Foreign Language classes. Or it could be used to show understanding of a concept (ex: "Class, write a story tonight for HW about the process of cell division.") Because the collaboration is linear (unlike Google Docs where people can insert text wherever they want), it forces people to build upon what is previously written and fosters creativity and communication.

For your reading pleasure, one of my contributions. (Latine)

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  1. Wow, so exciting! cant wait to introduce my fourth graders to this platform. I am a World Language Teacher (Spanish). My students can create poems, songs, of course, signed under my log in and supervivion. They are under 13 still to have their own account. This can a great way for them to collaborate!